Hotpoint PTAC & Air Conditioning


A History of Dependability

Founded in 1903, Hotpoint prides itself in creating products that make
comfort affordable. Whether it’s with a revolutionary redesign of the iron or the first electric range cooktop, we have always honored our customers’ need for products that make everyday life easier, all at a price they could afford.

Today, Hotpoint continues that legacy with Packaged Terminal
Air Conditioners that lead the way in durability, affordability and
ease of use and installation. Because your guests’ comfort
and your success matter to us.

Performance & Reliability Features Backed by an Industry Leader

3-Speed Fan
Give guests control over their comfort with three
fan speeds to choose from.
Automatic Emergency Heat
Keep guests comfortable with a heating option that
uses electric resistance heat in heat-pump mode.
4-Temperature Limiting Options
Easily select one of four temperature ranges for
peak efficiency and total customer comfort.
Freeze and Frost Protection
Automatic freeze and indoor frost control
keep units operating in peak condition.
Intuitive Display
Allow guests to easily customize their preferred
settings and reduce maintenance calls with an
easy-to-use control panel.
Auto Power Recovery
In case of power failures, units automatically
resume their operation when power restores,
reducing maintenance calls.
20-Amp Power Cord (LCDI) Included
Hotpoint PTACs come with everything needed
for a quick and easy installation.
Quickly and easily identify service needs with
a nine-point diagnostic code system.

Additional Features

1-Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty

With a long history of creating durable products at an affordable price,
Hotpoint is your trusted PTAC brand.

Air Conditioner with Electric Heat


Air Conditioner/Heat Pump with Backup Electric Heat


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