ADA Guestroom Kit

Economy Guest Room Kit comes with TDD, Alarm Clock with bed shaker, telephone amplifier boost, Door Knock signaler, telephone signaler and ADA carrying case.

ADA Guestroom Economy Kit


TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (1) Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD)
TDD makes any telephone accessible to the deaf. Conversation is carried out by typing and reading the display. Guest units are display only with a printing TDD needed at the front desk.
Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker (2) Alarm Clock with bed shaker
Clocks includes large display for those with visual impairments. And comes with a bed shaker. A loud audible alarm included for the hearing impaired.
Telephone Amplifier (3) Telephone Amplifier
For hearing impaired guests who can use the telephone but require amplification. This in-line amplifier connects with corded telephone.
Door Knock Signaler (4) Door Knock Signaler
This unit alerts guests by a flashing light when someone knocks at the door. Low battery indicator. Can use as flashlight in power outages.
Telephone Signaler (5) Telephone Signaler
This unit connects to the telephone line and to a lamp. This device signals an incoming call by flashing the lamp.
ADA Bag (6) ADA Carrying Case
Carrying case for storage device for individual user.

ADA Requirements for Hotel & Motel Guest Rooms

Please click here to see the ADA Communication Hotel Guide for full details and requirements.

Requirement: Dispersion
Hotel and Motels are now required to disperse the Hearing Impaired accessible guest rooms among the various types of guest rooms offered based on type, number of beds and amenities. This means that hotels and motels are not able to make all mobility (wheelchair) accessible rooms Hearing Impaired accessible nor are they able to limit Hearing Impaired accessible rooms to one floor, queens, kings, smoking, and non-smoking. The Hearing Impaired accessible guest rooms must be DISPERSED among the various types of guest rooms offered.

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